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Jamie Lynn Decoy Used At LAX January 7, 2009

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Jamie Lynn Spears arrived at Los Angeles International Airport greeted by a storm of overeager paparazzi last September.  In an attempt to protect the young mom from any harm, police used a “decoy Jamie Lynn” (some random chick on the same flight that sorta looked like her) to throw off the paps.

Well, now the woman who was used as the “decoy” is suing the LAX Police Department for damages, suggesting that she was used as a decoy without her consent.

Adessa Eskeridge and her attorney, R.J. Molligan, claim Adessa was “not given any details as to the nature of the task or of the potential danger involved. She simply followed the instructions of the police as most good citizens would do.”

And in her filing they allege that the LAX police “did not want to subject Ms. Spears to the pushing, shoving, humiliation and possible physical injury that come with the paparazzi, but instead decided that Ms. Eskeridge was not important enough to give the same protections to.”

Her attorney claims she was “never informed that upon deplaning, she would be mobbed by the paparazzi, that she would be in fear of her well-being, that her picture would be taken, (and) that video of her would be all over the Internet.” Adding that she was “deceived and manipulated” by the police and claims she has “suffered and continues to suffer great humiliation” as a result of that day.

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